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How to Overcome a Disability

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First let’s define what do we mean by overcoming a disability and we will start by defining each word 

Overcoming can simply defined as succeeding on something of defeating an obstacle in our case the obstacle being a disability.

Disability is a physical or a mental condition that limits the person’s movement, senses or an activity. For example, in my case it’s a I have a physical disability, a spinal cord injury which stops nerve signals coming from my brain reaching my legs which in terms makes me lose control for my leg. One important to note that disability can be permanent like a spinal cord injury or an amputee and temporary such as broken leg. In this course we will be focusing more on permanent disability however the steps that will be highlighting work al with a temporary one.


The Mind set

Overcoming disability does not necessarily mean getting rid of it but more of living with that disability. This mind set is very important as it encourage the person to continue moving with their valuable life instead of waiting for a quire that does not exists yet. Also, it is a mistake to consider this mind set as “giving up” I’m a firm believer that the technology will one day find a “quire” to my disability but I’m not going to waste my life waiting for it. Instead, I decided to “overcome” my disability and move on with my life and once the quire is found that is when I’ll switch my mind set from living with to getting rid of.


So, what do we need to overcome a permanent disability?

to be continued..............